JetHunter is the easiest, most cost effective way to book a private jet. Customers' flight requests are bid on by the charter operators in an open auction format, giving the customer choice of varying prices and aircraft.

The Delivery Guy

Guy Landry specializes in pre-buy inspections, delivery and surveillance of major checks of executive aircraft, particularly Bombardier, Gulfstream and Dassault Falcon. Copositions Media Inc. blogs and manages social media touchpoints. editing and cheerleading.

78 MPH

Maureen O'Shea is an #ActiveSenior who likes to go on road trips, golf, play bridge and write about her experiences of getting older. As an 80-year old woman, Maureen started blogging late in life, but in 3 months, with the help of Copositions, she had more than 6,500 visitors.

Red Dog Communications

Red Dog builds and maintains customized web applications. Work for this client most recently was to update a content management system on behalf of a large multinational customer, testing systems and writing user documentation.



Colleen O'Shea is a digital storyteller and as The Hockey Mom she tells stories of her son's hockey teams in a fresh and funny way. From goals to goalies, her stories will teach you things about hockey you never knew before, and touch your heart.

GO Deep, fly high

Laura Schummer is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach, and Go Deep, Fly High is her site where, through her writings, she inspires and challenges. 


VPN Shield is an app that secures your device anytime you're online - including on insecure hotspots. Work for VPN Shield included site and app language reviews, blogging and social media promotions


Wordbee is a European company that offers best-in-class translation management technology. For Wordbee, Copositions Media Inc. delivers writing and proofreading and review services.


HotspotID is an app that uses crowdsourcing to determine if the hotspot you're connecting to is legitimate. Work for HotspotID includes blogging, testing, reviews and feedback.

Business Consulting