Business Consulting


Our services vary with each client but are most usually web and presentation centric including

  • website and app content creation
  • testing applications and reporting user experience issues and bugs
  • writing procedure and user manuals
  • editing including writing content for brochures, apps, websites and blogs
  • posting on social media outlets on the client's behalf
  • review of documentation, emails, ideas
  • advice on structure, branding and positioning.

Recent posts:

78MPH - A guest post for about how I convinced my 80-year-old mother to begin a blog, and 5 months, 11,000 reads and 78 posts later, we put it into book form with Into Real Pages.

Captain, Our Captain - A story of 13-year-old Michael Siket, the Captain of the Prédateurs, a Pee-Wee "B" team in Saguenay, Quebec and why his leadership skills make such a big difference to the team.

Parents Behaving Badly - More than ever before, parents are being reprimanded for their bad behaviour in hockey arenas around the country. Is it really their fault? The Hockey Mom thinks if the officials took better control of the games, hockey parents would not be out of control.